Seeking Input: Salt Spring Island Economic Development

Seeking Input: I’m speaking with the Salt Spring Island Community Economic Development Chair next week to share ideas about bolstering a sustainable local economy in our island home community.

What ideas might you appreciate being shared around how digital culture and business might support that goal?

My message is simple; Attracting and nurturing a strong community of digital entrepreneurs and businesses is an excellent focus for the committee. The benefit would be that helping to bring talented, income earning residents who can both contribute locally, and collaborate globally, can work within the current (for better or worse) CRD/Islands Trust mandate/structure of preserve and protect.

The how come is that knowledge and technology based professionals and businesses tend, at least at a certain scale, to be smaller 1-10 people companies/solo-prenuers. They don’t generally require intensive land use and can today work within existing by-law and land use structures, while providing for a source of local stable income (sometimes), etc.

I’d appreciate hearing from any of you who might have additional ideas of feedback you might like to share.

In my experience and network here, there are a number of us who could have chosen to work and live anywhere, but chose Salt Spring Island because of the community, natural beauty, amenities such as schools, hospitals, etc. or because Palu hypnotized us at the Saturday market.

Let me knowing if you want to contribute with your insights. The meeting is scheduled for next week.

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