Salt Spring Exchange: Business Ambassadors of the Year

Marketworks Media is part consulting practice and part business building lab for social good. One of our business building projects recently won an award for Business Ambassador of the Year.

Awarded by voting through its members, the Salt Spring Island Chamber of Commerce awarded the Salt Spring Exchange the Business Ambassador of the Year award for the work the online community did in promoting the quality of life on Salt Spring and the Salt Spring brand off-island.

The award is shared with the community of users, who are now more than 14,000 strong. Without the tremendous support of the island community itself, this service could not have grown from the original mailing list that it started out as into one of the most active online networks in the community.

Special thank you Harry Burton for helping to kick start the original mailing list that turned into the site, Kaz Amaranth who kicked off our nomination, the Salt Spring Island Chamber of Commerce, and award sponsor, Salt Spring Air.

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