Power of Hope in Good Company

Honoured to announce that we’ve been asked to be an advisory board member of Power of Hope Canada to help support their inspiring community work.

Power of Hope Canada is a heart-centred organization that offers youth arts empowerment programs and adult creative facilitation trainings. The organization unleashes the positive potential of youth through arts-centred multicultural and intergenerational learning programs that value community, leadership, self-awareness and social change.

The advisory network is a circle of professionals with organizational development skills, who complement the work of the board of directors and staff by contributing ideas from marketing to development strategy to event planning and more.

Grateful to be part of this advisory group with Saul Brown from Saul Goods Gifts Company, Catherine Ludgate from Vancity, Pravin Pillay from Emergent Performance Consulting, Ani Pinchot from Channel Rock and Joel Soloman from Renewal Partners.

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