Open Directions to Marketworks Media

Open Directions to Marketworks Media

Over the last year, we’ve had a challenge.

The challenge was with the name of our businesses. When we first set out to build this practice of bringing the best possible thinking and tactics in the online sales and marketing world to sustainability business and enterprising non-profits, we wanted a name that kept us open to being many things.

It didn’t work.

We still want to bring the best possible thinking and tactics of the online world to sustainability businesses and enterprising non-profits, so that they grow their impact and their bottom line, but we know ourselves more now.

We know that creating impact takes focus and we want our business name to reflect that focus. We’re saying goodbye to Open Directions and going deep with Marketworks Media; marketing and media that works to support impact for good.

Thank you to our advisors, design team and the people who helped us get clear that our contribution to good is online sales, social marketing and pay-per-click advertising.

Change isn’t easy, but change is good.