Natural Pod Remarketing Campaigns

We’ve just launched a new remarketing campaign for our partners at Natural Pod. Now anyone who visits will be remarketed to through Google’s Display network with ads that follow them through their online experience.

The call to actions offer a free natural play guide, research report, catalogue download and a free space design concept to encourage customers to engage with the sales and design team. The opportunity here is to convert previous site visitors with a compelling offer to get them thinking about how they could visualize the design of their space using the company’s beautiful, sustainably made furniture for preschools, daycares and early learning centres.

The campaigns are all setup with UTM and conversion tracking so we’ll be able to monitor and optimize performance across the various ad formats and designs. The ad designs utilize Google’s four most effective ad formats. We’ll post a case study in a few months as we optimize this campaign.

Ad Group: 300×250 Ads

Marketworks - Natural Pod - RM - 300x250

Ad Group: 728×90 Ads

Marketworks - Natural Pod - RM - 728x90

Ad Group: 160×600 Ads

Marketworks - Natural Pod - RM - 160x600

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