Lean Start-up Livestream

Like many, we’ve been deeply influenced by the work of Eric Ries and his lean start-up ideas. The big ideas of the movement around minimum-viable product and listening deeply to customer feedback to quickly iterate user-experiences, products and online services has helped us with many client projects by staying focused on changes and work that are always focused on producing value.

There has been so much momentum around this approach that the lean-start up conference has been brought to life to bring the leading practitioners of lean together for more idea sharing and exploration on how these ideas can be used across different industries and professional practices. We see many opportunities to use these principals for the social venture businesses and enterprising non-profits who are the values based organizations we serve.

While not all of us are able for time or other reasons to travel to attend this event, Lauren Bacon one of the co-founders of Raised Eye Brow in Vancouver is very generously bringing together a group of people across Vancouver in three different locations to participate in the live-stream of the event. There are still a few spots left. It’s a great opportunity to learn and connect without having to travel for those in the Vancouver area.

Check out the full list of speakers and consider attending.

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