Keeping Your Business Going in an Emergency

EPICC is a nonprofit government endorsed society supported by and for the benefit of business and institutions throughout British Columbia, to influence and help businesses prepare for emergencies and disasters.

The organization holds annual conferences to help businesses understand the best way for them to maintain continuity during unplanned emergencies. I’ve been invited to speak this year to share ideas about how social media and online community can complement and support this work and help businesses respond to critical and disruptive disaster. I’ll post slides just prior to the event.

Here is the session description:

Resilient businesses and governments are organizations that engage in business continuity planning, conversation and relationship building. Strong communication and relationships are the hallmark of all well-functioning organizations both in the real world and especially online. Social media and online resources can ease these kind of planning, conversations and relationship building interactions.

These tools are increasingly being used to foster, build and maintain these connections and we’ll explore some of the strategies and tactics of how this happens. We’ll also explore the new and interesting ways that social media is being used to manage business continuity, emergency and resilience communication.

For more information visit the Emergency Preparedness for Industry and Commerce Council site (EPICC).

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