Great Content Step by Step

Creating content is one of the most important aspects of online marketing and pay-per-click advertising. Great content is highly shareable, engaging and helps the reader and his/her community with insights that improve how they do their work. If you’re selling products or ideas, it’s critical that that content follow some simple strategies for structure that not only benefits the reader, but also the social and search platforms that are going to help people find their way to you and your content.

Quality Score for Content

Great content has a direct impact on pay-per-click advertising success, particularly if you advertise using Google AdWords. AdWords uses a Quality Score measurement that quantifies the relevance of your pay-per-click ads, keywords and landing pages. When great content is written to ensure that relevance is aligned across ads, keywords and landing pages, your Quality Score goes up. When Quality Score goes up, placement and bid pricing of your ads improves significantly and this increases the likelihood that your ad programs will achieve their conversion objectives.

Creating Valuable Content

We recently came across a great model for structuring content that will not only help you approach content creation, but will also help you meet some of the best practices for sharing that content in social and search platforms. Ahava Leibtag from Aha Media Group has published the Step-by-Step Checklist to Creating Valuable Content. Use it as a simple guide when you start out to write that next piece for your business or organization. It will help ensure that you’re thinking about the end user while improving the findability, readability, shareability and searchability that are so important to making sure great content gets read.

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