Get $200 Worth of Google Adwords

Google AdWords is one of the most effective and low-cost tools to generate online awareness, build brand loyalty and to drive direct responses that lead to sales and action.

Managing and implementing Google AdWords is at the core our business and our value offering is simple. We’re experts at crafting, implementing, managing and optimizing the Google AdWords platform for social venture businesses and non-profits.

This is the focus of our work; you get the best performing results, at the lowest possible cost to produce the most impact with your work. We make realizing the benefits of pay per click and search engine advertising simple. It’s one less thing you have to manage and because we work with only with social venture and non-profit businesses, you can be sure you’re getting quantifiable results while working with a business that knows your values.

As an incentive to get started working with Open Directions, we’re passing on $100 worth of AdWords from Google that we get as an agency member of their service, and we’re then matching that with an additional $100 in AdWords when you sign up to have Open Directions implement and manage your AdWords campaigns.

If you’re ready to produce results, we should talk.

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