2012 Social Venture Institute: Five Reflections – One Hundred Photographs

Thank you to all the organizers and good people who made this year’s Social Venture Institute possible. I’m grateful to be part of this community and network. Here are a few brief reflections from our time together at Hollyhock and one hundred of my photographs from the event. Use them widely as you might wish. Thank you again, Christopher.

Weed the Garden

We’re in a world of distraction. We’re being kept from our best social venture work. Not doing, is as important as doing. Being busy is not an accomplishment. Do more of what matters, less of what doesn’t.

Feed the Chicken

Successful businesses understand that marketing needs senior leadership and appropriate investment to produce results. If you under-feed the chicken, it won’t lay eggs.

Give Good Business

Giving more than we get, gets us more than we give. This isn’t math that works in a spreadsheet, but it works in the world. The best social venture businesses live this.

Mind Your Math

Feel good and do good all you want. If you don’t manage your money and execute on your ideas, your good won’t get got.

Man Your Brazier

Always help a man with putting on his brazier. He should never do it alone. If he wants help stuffing it, don’t be shy, it’s SVI.

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