Fireworks Factory — For Smart Web Marketers

As we move along in our careers and deepen our practice, in whichever area of work we choose to focus, we all benefit from collaborating with other high-calibre peers in our specific industry. Knowing this, the super-smart and forward thinking duo of Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo at Capulat Communications are organizing a small, mostly invitational, gathering of marketing professionals this summer with an event called ‘Fireworks Factory’ – a Camp David for smart web marketers.

At Fireworks Factory, we’ll dive deep into web strategy, build a strong community of elite web marketers, and learn from speakers with real insights to share, not products to sell. Fireworks Factory takes place at Galiano Inn on Galiano Island, BC from June 11-13, 2013.

I’m going, interested in attending? Learn more about Fireworks at, then submit your name, email and optionally, a link to something you’d like them to know about you. Do you know a senior marketer who should be at Fireworks Factory? Please nominate them!

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