Doing it better; social media for social ventures.

Social venture businesses and organizations have a unique opportunity. They have a better story. They have a real and authentic mission (or they should) that is about creating the transformation we need through the power of business.

That authentic story is the unique opportunity that social media offers social ventures. You have a great story with which to engage and serve customers. The story that conventional brands and businesses fight to manufacturer, is built into your work.

While your authentic work is a valuable asset in the world of social engagement, you still need to get good at social media by understanding the subtle, and not so subtle landscape of the culture of this movement. While there are numerous strategies and tactics with which to approach it, one thing is clear; social media isn’t just about you. It’s about engaging and building relationships.

I’ve taken all the insights I could gather from our work in this space and tried to find the very simplest way to explain this opportunity. This is it, the social media lifecycle for social ventures;

conversations = relationships = trust = sustainability

Social businesses engaging in conversation with their audiences, building relationships over time, that create trust and loyalty which convert into sustainable financial support for the business.

This was the focus of my workshop at this year’s Social Venture Institute (SVI) at Hollyhock on Cortes Island. Thank you to all the attendees, organizers, the countless one-on-one consulting session participants, and the brave men of the SVI community who came to the other, most ‘dangerous’ session of the conference. Presentation below. Contact me if you have questions about how to craft the best approach for doing this work for your business.

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