Collaborative Analytics with Custom Dashboards

This week I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the Fireworks Factory. An event sponsored and hosted by the smart folks at Capulet who brought together a number of senior digital marketing peers for a few days of idea sharing and collaboration on beautiful Galiano Island.

The session I led included a talk on making decisions with analytics. While the work of tracking analytics and using that data to make informed decisions is in some ways getting easier with better tools, and the ubiquity of services like Google Analytics, integrating those analytics from various platforms, particularly social platforms, continues to be a largely challenging effort for those not using entreprise tools. Spreadsheets still rule the day in most businesses, if they are even tracking analytics at all. Add to this the additional challenge of bringing all those insights into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and the tracking everything, everywhere, always, possibility of things is still often out of reach for most businesses and organizations.

Despite all of this, there is an emerging area in the analytics movement that I’m hoping will take shape in the coming years. I’d like to call it collaborative analytics. The basics are simple. When we look at our data, we tend to take default views of it. Think about the different reports in Google Analytics for example. They shape the way we look at our data. Even if we get to the point of using Google Custom dashboards to tune that view (more about that in a minute) we’re still shaping the view of our data and possibly missing opportunities to see new patterns and insights. Here’s where it gets interesting. What if we could share the way in which we view our data with others?. Overlaying their analytics frameworks to understand how others look at their data and interpret results and success in their own organization. Well, now we can. Launched with little fanfare, Google Analytics Custom Dashboards allow you to do just that. You can create custom views of your Google Analytics data and then best of all, you can share those dashboard views with others. You don’t get to see the underlying data, at least not yet. In the near future I expect this will happen, but for now you can at least share the different ways in which you look at the world of your digital work through dashboards of others businesses and organizations dashboards.

In the spirit of sharing. I’ve created these seven different custom dashboards that I use to track the various client projects and hands on digital marketing that I lead. All you need to do is, log into your Google Analytics account in this same browser session, click on each link or image below, this will open up a Google Analytics link and you can add the dashboard directly into your own Custom Dashboard tab in whatever account you think might be appropriate. Let me know if you have questions and share back any of your own custom dashboards as you begin to work with and use this Google Analytics Custom Dashboard feature.

Google Analytics Custom Dashboard – Real-Time
Marketworks Media - Google Custom Dashboard - Real-Time

Google Analytics Custom Dashboard – Sales
Marketworks Media - Google Custom Dashboard - Sales

Google Analytics Custom Dashboard – Site Performance
Marketworks Media - Google Custom Dashboard - Site Performance

Google Analytics Custom Dashboard – Lead Generation
Marketworks Media - Google Custom Dashboard - Leads

Google Analytics Custom Dashboard – SEO
Marketworks Media - Google Custom Dashboard - SEO

Google Analytics Custom Dashboard – Social
Marketworks Media - Google Custom Dashboard - Social

Google Analytics Custom Dashboard – Content
Marketworks Media - Google Custom Dashboard - Content

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