Canada’s new Anti-Spam Legislation

Effective July 1, 2014, Canada’s new Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) will take effect

Email and texts are a vital part of being in business. You must be aware of the new laws coming into effect July 1, 2014 and how they apply to you if you are involved in any kind of digital marketing that involves sending electronic message, emails, txts, etc. There are potential penalties involved.

The new legislation is quite extensive and difficult to compress into a simple summary. For full details, please review the CASL website, the CASL legislation, and this simplified FAQ supplied the CASL.

As you will read in the above legislation, after July 1, 2014 you will no longer be able to send business emails or texts to your customers unless one of the following two conditions exists:

  1. The Customer has done business with you within the last two years – the law calls this “implied consent” or
  2. The Customer has given you specific permission to send them emails and/or texts – the new law calls this “express consent”.

Additionally, when you do send an email or text that meets the above requirements, the new law states that you must include a clear method for the recipient to advise you that they no longer wish to receive your emails or texts; this is known as an unsubscribe, withdrawal, or opt-out mechanism. Once they inform you of such wishes, you can no longer email or text them regardless of whether you previously had implied or express consent.

This means that you will now have to start tracking whether you are allowed to email or text each of your Customers. If they inform you that they no longer wish to receive your emails or texts, you will also need to ensure you update your records. Each time you send out an email or text, you will also need to ensure you are checking against your updated list.

Let us know if you have specific questions about to adapt and comply with the new legislation.

Call to Action Campaigns – Free Downloads

We’ve just launched a new round of free download campaigns for our partners at Natural Pod to drive interest in natural play and the business product offerings. These Facebook campaigns utilize the Facebook’s Download call out campaign structure and are optimized for conversions. We’re measuring the performance in 3 ways. 1) Conversion volume, 2) Cost performance and 3) Overall lead quality. This is a nice simple campaign using some of Facebook’s different news feed streams. The campaign won’t run in the right side-bar of Facebook, we haven’t found that to be a great ad spot nor will it run in mobile. We need to do some updates to the Natural Pod site to make it more effective for mobile so we’re not spending money with these campaigns for those platforms. Here are samples of the ads running in the campaign:

Natural Pod - Ad - FB - Catalogue Natural Pod - Ad - FB - Guide Natural Pod - Ad - FB - Report


Natural Pod Remarketing Campaigns

We’ve just launched a new remarketing campaign for our partners at Natural Pod. Now anyone who visits will be remarketed to through Google’s Display network with ads that follow them through their online experience.

The call to actions offer a free natural play guide, research report, catalogue download and a free space design concept to encourage customers to engage with the sales and design team. The opportunity here is to convert previous site visitors with a compelling offer to get them thinking about how they could visualize the design of their space using the company’s beautiful, sustainably made furniture for preschools, daycares and early learning centres.

The campaigns are all setup with UTM and conversion tracking so we’ll be able to monitor and optimize performance across the various ad formats and designs. The ad designs utilize Google’s four most effective ad formats. We’ll post a case study in a few months as we optimize this campaign.

Ad Group: 300×250 Ads

Marketworks - Natural Pod - RM - 300x250

Ad Group: 728×90 Ads

Marketworks - Natural Pod - RM - 728x90

Ad Group: 160×600 Ads

Marketworks - Natural Pod - RM - 160x600

2014 Email Marketing Benchmarks

While we don’t use Silverpop for our work, they do compile a nice benchmarks report that we have monitored and used in our research over the last few years. Almost everyone wants to know how they compare against the averages of other industries and this brief report shares insights by industry and country for some of the key metrics we report with our clients for their email newsletter marketing.

One area this report doesn’t yet cover is the emerging field of automated marketing with solution providers like Marketo and Infusionsoft. These platforms are going to shake up the email marketing world and along with it, the benchmark metrics.

2014 Email Marketing Benchmarks - Click-Through Rate 2014 Email Marketing Benchmarks - Open Rate 2014 Email Marketing Benchmarks - Unsubscribe Rate

Download the full report from Silverpop.

WordPress Camp Vancouver 2014

We’re very proud to be part of one of the most influential and still growing communities in the digital, marketing, communications and social change space: WordPress. It’s more than just a platform, it’s an entire eco-system for user-experience, business, social good, content, media, entertainment and more.

We’ve been betting on WordPress for 10 years and you should to if the platform is the right fit for your business or organization. One of the best ways to tap into the WordPress community is the through the global network of WordCamps. Those of you on the West Coast, here’s your chance. New dates for the Vancouver event have now been posted.

WordCamp Vancouver 2014 Dev Edition takes place at the BCIT Downtown Campus, at 555 Seymour Street on July 26th, 2014. This years event is mostly developer focused, not ideal for new clients but great for our development team looking for new skills and inspirations.

We’ll be there!