Call to Action Campaigns – Free Downloads

We’ve just launched a new round of free download campaigns for our partners at Natural Pod to drive interest in natural play and the business product offerings. These Facebook campaigns utilize the Facebook’s Download call out campaign structure and are optimized for conversions. We’re measuring the performance in 3 ways. 1) Conversion volume, 2) Cost performance and 3) Overall lead quality. This is a nice simple campaign using some of Facebook’s different news feed streams. The campaign won’t run in the right side-bar of Facebook, we haven’t found that to be a great ad spot nor will it run in mobile. We need to do some updates to the Natural Pod site to make it more effective for mobile so we’re not spending money with these campaigns for those platforms. Here are samples of the ads running in the campaign:

Natural Pod - Ad - FB - Catalogue Natural Pod - Ad - FB - Guide Natural Pod - Ad - FB - Report


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