Brilliant – The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

We’re always on the look out for great resources that explain the work for digital and internet marketing. This is a great table designed by Chris Lake at eConsultancy that outlines key content formats, types, platforms, metrics, goals and emotional triggers that are part of all smart content marketing efforts. It’s a smart, visual way of thinking through creative, goal oriented approaches for engaging with your community and customers with content.

Marketworks Media - Periodic Table of Content Marketing

How to use the Periodic Table of Content Marketing

Click on the image to view the large version of the table.

The fundamental key to success. Planning and focus is essential. You need a clear strategy, mapped to your long-term business goals.

Content comes in many different shapes and sizes. Note that you can use multiple formats for a single piece of content.

Content Type
These are based on the common types of content that work well for our business. Many of them will work well for your brand too. Sometimes you’ll use multiple content types for a single piece of content.

These are content distribution platforms. You might own some of these (e.g. #59, your website). Others are social sites (your own, your network, third parties). All of these help spread the word about your content.

These help you to measure the performance of your content.

All content should support your primary business goals, whether that’s to generate lots of traffic, or to sell more, or to increase brand awareness.

Sharing Triggers
Think about the emotional drivers behind sharing, and make sure the content you create makes people feel something.

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